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The charts are based on 2.1 TB of data collected from 4207 instances uploaded by 323 Spotlight users over an 8 week period.


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SQL Server versions: 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017


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Waiting to get read or write access to the list of WSFC networks. Internal use only.

The engine keeps a list of WSFC networks that is used in dynamic management views (such as sys.dm_hadr_cluster_networks) or to validate AlwaysOn Transact-SQL statements that reference WSFC network information. This list is updated upon engine startup, WSFC related notifications, and internal AlwaysOn restart (for example, losing and regaining of WSFC quorum). Tasks will usually be blocked when an update in that list is in progress. Information from Microsoft®


This wait has never occurred recently

HADR_READ_ALL_NETWORKS has not occurred recently on 4207 instances checked.

Prevalence of HADR_READ_ALL_NETWORKS across the Spotlight Population